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*JLPT; JLPT(N1-5) is diploma administered by the Japan Foundation which are recognized everywhere in the world. The JLPT are offered in 75 countries and at 238 exam centers around the world(2019).
**N5:Basic Level: The ability to understand some basic Japanese.


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1. Complete Handbook
This course gives you, the Japanese language learner, a complete overview of video explaining JLPT N5 grammar.
Chika sensei’s meticulously structured this video course is the result of professional teaching experience.

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You’ll have immediate and exclusive access to the following amazing benefits:

-You can access to JLPT N5 Grammar exhaustive videos. (90 lessons in total)
-You can download printable Reference book and Worksheets for your review.
-Each section has quizzes to check your progress.
-You can ask me(Chika sensei) questions and I always respond to you.(leave comments/questions after each lesson)


This course will give you the ability to understand JLPT N5 grammar better and the confidence to listen and read Japanese more fluently.

The sooner you start studying JLPT, you will get better results.


I will teach you to master JLPT N5 grammar!


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