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From beginner to expert learners who wants to enjoy having conversations. Let’s learn Japanese together!

I am 17 years experienced Japanese teacher, I am familiar to Japanese learners of all levels.

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JLPT Grammar List and Example Sentences Free Download



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JLPT All-in-one course


In a typical online language-learning course, 10% of students drop out every month.
Why not try my 6-month JLPT course, which has a 95% success rate?
As a special offer, you can receive the exclusive booklet “The Victor’s Guide to JLPT” that will tell you how to study to make sure you pass the JLPT.

・I can’t understand the grammar no matter how much I read the textbook.
・I can’t increase my vocabulary, I just immediately forget the words.
・Do I really need this Kanji at my level?
・How do I know if the Japanese I’m speaking is correct?
・How can I keep up my studies?
・I feel like there’s too much to study, I feel overwhelmed.
・I really need a teacher to guide me.
・I don’t understand why my answers are incorrect.
・What is the pass rate for my level of Japanese?
・I want to work on my weak points, but what should I do exactly?

If you have these kinds of problems, you can always get advice from Chika Sensei, a veteran in prepping students for the JLPT.


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Hiragana Katakana Kanji Complete Course

Do you want to start studying Japanese in earnest?
If so, you need to learn the characters!
Are you thinking maybe you could just use roman characters to write things down?
Nope, unfortunately Japanese people are not familiar with the alphabet. (Much less familiar than you would think!)
If you try to write something in “Roma-ji”, Japanese people will not understand it.
In fact, the soba restaurant I went to today had a menu written entirely in Kanji, even the prices.
When you are in Japan, you don’t want to be stuck just going to touristy restaurants with English menus, do you?
So, that’s why most people studying Japanese first focus on learning some characters!
Once you memorize the Japanese characters, Japanese itself becomes more appealing and studying becomes easier.
I can teach you Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji in a way that is quick, fun and easy, so why not get started today?
With my support, you won’t get lost or left behind in the bewildering forest of Japanese characters.
Would you like my help to master Japanese characters so that you can read fluently?

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Meet Chika Sensei!

Chika sensei Profile
  • Native Japanese, born and raised in Japan
  • Master Degree in Japanese Language Education
  • Certified in the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • 17 years of experience in Japanese language teaching (10 years in Japanese school, 7 years in University)
  • Completed numerous researches in the Japanese Language studies
  • Publication in Japanese Language Studies
  • Teaching experience abroad including Korea and Taiwan
  • Over 30K followers on Instagram