I would never have known this without Chika先生’s feedback… -Andrew Carpenter | USA [Speaking Course]

The intermediate speaking course is a great way to improve your comprehension of REAL Japanese conversations, as well as you own speaking ability.
In real life (and Japanese TV and movies) you really don’t hear “textbook” Japanese that often, so listening to actual casual conversation segments is a great learning tool.
Each lesson is brief, and if you do the “shadowing” homework (repeating and recording each sentence segment), your spoken Japanese will definitely improve.
Chika先生 is also very prompt in giving feedback on your pronunciation and answering any questions you may hve on the content.
(For example, I have learned from this course that I often elongate the pronunciation of certain words, so now that I am aware of it, I pay more attention when speaking to others. I would never have known this without Chika先生’s feedback…)