“Someone wants to do something.” , you can’t use たい

Today I am going to share the homework correction quoted from my JLPT N3 course!
The student’s sentence is not correct. Can you find the mistake?


[Student’s sentence]






[My correction]


My mother wants to go to Kyoto.


〜たい indicates that the speaker hopes to do something, but not the hope of a person who is neither the speaker nor the listener.
When it is obvious that your mother wants to go to Kyoto then you can use 〜たがる.
〜たがる is used for the third person who wants to do something or is showing signs of wanting to do something, based on their behavior or statements.


I want to go to Italy.

My father wants to go to Italy.


I want to see my friends.

My friends want to see me.


I hope my explanation helps you. 😊



In the JLPT course, all lessons come with homework, if you submit your homework, I will reply with corrections.
I can break down the Japanese grammar and point out mistakes, explaining the structure and nuances of Japanese in an easy-to-understand way.