It’s already very amazing to notice her dedication -Shun | Switzerland [JLPT Course]

I wasn’t really sure about enrolling in this course. I was following her daily free class per email. After a while, I checked a bit the comments about her classes and what type of classes she was giving. I thought I want to do the N1 lvl one day for Japanese. I thought that my Japanese was already okay, but for the grammar part it was really difficult to do it by myself. You can never be too sure about what’s right or wrong when you do thing by yourself. So, I decided to start take up her course for the N2 lvl. To be honest, I was really surprised, the classes are very compact and breakdown into very short video. It doesn’t take too long to watch, mostly 5minutes and once you done, you always have a homework to do to consolidate what you just learned. Also, it’s already very amazing to notice her dedication, you can mostly see that in the comment section of every class, she gives personalized feedback for each student with correction and explanation. I really like that part about this course. Although, I feel like a lot of things that are used and presented in the N2 lvl are very formal and business-oriented expression (I mean, for a lot of expressions, I have never really heard people talk like that), she will break it down very simply and even give some more natural and easy to understand equivalent expression which is much appreciated. As for any critics that could be given, it’s a bit hard to say, because the class are already compacted with all the information. Maybe, some movie, video, anime or drama that used the expressions based on which you are doing maybe? Anyway, I really recommend to take up her course if you want to learn more about grammar and expression, and she is always down to help you if you have any questions, which is again, much appreciated. -Shun | Switzerland