Speak Japanese Like a Native!

For those who are confident in their Japanese skills. Why don’t you brush up further on your skills here?



Do you want to speak Japanese like a native speaker?

Then let’s take the ‘Fluent Japanese Conversations one minute a day for 30 days‘ course!


Course detail

Real Japanese people don’t speak like your textbook.
Improve your speed, pronunciation, and expression by learning more realistic Japanese.
All of the dialogues are completely based on real-life conversations in Japan.
I will teach you to communicate like a native!


Recommended for those who

-Want to learn real Japanese conversation
-Want to improve Japanese from beginner to advanced level.
-Who don’t want to spend a lot of time studying


Here are some of the benefits

-You will be able to learn Japanese expressions that Japanese people actually use in the streets, and you will be able to communicate more deeply with them.

-When you’re actually speaking with a native speaker, you won’t be confused by the differences between your textbook and the real world.

-Each video is less than a minute long. It’s easy, unburdened and efficient.


How to enroll in this course

First, let’s watch a sample video!


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