Here’s Quick Way to learn essential Japanese!

For foreigners living in Japan and for those who are thinking of moving or traveling to Japan. Or simply, for those of you who love Japanese language.



Are you a beginner in learning Japanese?

Then let’s take the ‘Survival Japanese Phrases one minute a day for 30 days’ course!


Course detail

Even if you don’t know anything about Japanese, just by watching a video for one minute a day, you will be able to learn the basic Japanese phrases you need to travel and live in 30 days.

All Japanese words are marked with Romaji(English alphabet).


Recommended for those who

-Want to start learning Japanese simply, easily and efficiently.
-Want to communicate easily with Japanese people in their daily lives and while traveling.
-Who don’t want to spend a lot of time studying.


Here are some of the benefits

-Each video is no longer than 1 minute. It’s efficient because it explains important phrases in an easy to understand manner.
-The phrases included are carefully selected and essential. You can learn it in a short time and never forget it.
-If you don’t understand a word, don’t worry. All Japanese words are marked with Romaji(English alphabet).


How to enroll in this course

First, let’s watch a sample video!


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