“Could you get this to go?” at fast food restaurants | Japanese Phrases






-omochikaeri desuka?

-Could you get this to go?



・お持(も)ち帰(かえ)り|to go (for customers)

*ご/お〜|nouns prefixed

As a general rule, お is prefixed to uniquely Japanese words, ご is words of Chinese origin.(but depends on the word)


・こちらでお召(め)し上(あ)がりですか?|for here? (for customers)

-こちら=ここ|here (honorific expressions)

-お召し上がりですか?=食(た)べますか?|do you eat? (honorific expressions)


<<Today’s question from Chika sensei>>




-yoku iku fa-sutofu-do no mise wa doko desuka?

-Which fast food restaurants do you usually go to?


*ファーストフード|fast food


What is your answer?



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