“Can you take a picture of me?” -Taking pictures | Japanese Phrases


A: あの、すいません!
B: はい?
A: ここの前で、写真を撮ってくれませんか?
B: いいですよ、はいチーズ!

A: ano, suimasen!
B: hai?
A: kokono maede, shashin o totte kuremasenka?
B: iidesuyo, hai chi-zu!

A: Well, excuse me?
B: yes?
A: Can you take a picture of me in front of here?
B: Okay, say cheese!



・すいません=すみません|excuse me(for only conversations)

・〜の前(まえ)|in front of~

・(Verb te- from)てくれませんか?|Can you (do)~?

・はい、チーズ|say cheese(a phrase to
take pictures)


<<Today’s question from Chika sensei>>




-shashin o toru noga jouzu desuka?

-Are you good at taking photos?


What is your answer?