“You should go home today” -When you are worried about someone’s health| Japanese Phrases




A: Oh my, what happened, Suzuki-san? Your face is red.
B: I think I might have a fever. I feel sluggish…
A: What? Well then you should go back for today.
B: Okay… Thank you for your kind words, I will leave early today.
A: Yeah, please do that. Take care.



・熱(ねつ)っぽい|might have a fever

・帰(かえ)りなさい|You should go back/home
・そうしなさい|(You should) do that
[Verb masu-form]+なさい|do~ (command)

・お言葉(ことば)に甘(あま)えて|Thank you for your kind words

・早退(そうたい)させていただきます|I will leave early
{Verb causative-form}+せていただきます

・お大事(だいじ)に|take care/get better soon(to someone sick)


<<Today’s question from Chika sensei>>




-douryou ya tomodachi no taichou ga warukattara, anata wa doushimasuka?

-What do you do when your friends or colleagues don’t feel well?

*体調(たいちょう)が悪(わる)い|not feel well


What’s your answer?