“I will be a little late” -Getting late to meet someone| Japanese Phrases




-sukoshi okuremasu

-I will be a little late



・少(すこ)し sukoshi|a little

-5分(ふん)くらい gofun kurai|about five minutes
-1時間(じかん)くらい ichijikan kurai|about a hour
-だいぶ daibu|much, very, greatly

・遅(おく)れます okuremasu (Verb masu-form) =遅(おく)れる okureru (Verb dictionary-form)|be late


<Today’s question from Chika sensei>




-chikoku o yoku suru taipu desuka?

-Are you the type who often is late?

*遅刻(ちこく) chikoku|late


What is your answer?