How to connect sentences|Correcting mistakes [JLPT grammar]

How do you connect sentences in Japanese?

You should attach a hook to the end of the sentence and links it up with the sentence that comes next.

So which grammar should you use as a hook…?

[Unnatural sentence]




-I went to a hair salon and got my haircut just a little bit.


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]





美容院に行った、→ ◎美容院に行って


Yes, [te-form] is a hook!

You can hook the two actions together with 〜て/で.


connect sentences(接続詞 せつぞくし,  conjunction)


When you use 行った in this case would end the sentence.


◎〜た。(文末 ぶんまつ, end of a sentence)


◎〜た[noun](名詞修飾 めいししゅうしょく,  noun modification)



You may also finish a sentence once.

→ ◎美容院に行きました。そして(then)


美容院に行きました。そして、髪をちょっと切りました。(polite style version)

美容院に行った。そして、髪をちょっと切った。(plain style version)



Did my explanation enhance your understanding?


[te-form] can be used for many purposes.

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