[JLPT grammar] まで? までに? To indicates a deadline or limit

Today I am going to share the homework correction quoted from my JLPT N4 course!
The student’s sentence is not correct. Can you find the mistake?

[Student’s sentence]





[My correction]

Submit your report by tomorrow morning.

まで indicates a deadline or limit before which some action should be finished or must take place.
Your sentence suggests that the report is due by tomorrow morning. So you must use まで instead of まで.
まで can be thought of as a single point in time, while まで can be thought of as a duration.

I studied until morning.

On Fridays, I work until 10 pm.

We must be at school by 8:00 a.m.

I have to buy my ticket by Wednesday to go to the concert.


I hope my explanation helps you. 😊


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