[JLPT grammar] てみる is used for things you have not experienced before

Today I am going to share the homework correction quoted from my JLPT N4 course!
The student’s sentence is not correct. Can you find the mistake?


[Student’s sentence]





[My correction]

he Kyoto trip was fun. I would like to go back.


〜てみる is used about things you have not experienced before.
You already went to Kyoto, so you can’t say 行ってみたい.
If you want to go to Kyoto again, you should say また行きたい.


I have been to Mt. Fuji but never climbed it. I want to climb it once.

I want to try natto to see what it tastes like.

I climbed Mt. Fuji last year and want to do it again this year.

The croissant there was really good. I want to eat it again.


I hope my explanation helps you. 😊


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