[Japanese speaking phrase] 〜ちゃったの? Did you end up…?

Today, I’m going to share an everyday conversational phrase. Let’s learn it quickly and start using it right away!



——-Today’s Phrase——-

Did you end up…?

This phrase is often used to express regret or disappointment when someone has done something that leads to a less than ideal outcome. It’s like casually saying, “Oh no, you did that!? That’s too bad, it would have been better if you hadn’t.”


Let’s practice:

1. 今日もちこくし
Did you end up being late again today? That’s too bad.


2. 宿題を忘れ
Did you end up forgetting your homework? That’s too bad.


3. 一人でケーキを全部食べ
Did you end up eating the entire cake by yourself? That’s too bad.



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