Chika Sensei’s courses are among the best I have found. -Sylvie | USA [JLPT Course, Speaking Course]

After completing 30 days of Chika Sensei’s Beginner Japanese Speaking course, I can already see great progress in my fluency and comfort level with speaking Japanese. The daily speaking practices (~10 minutes) are manageable even with a busy schedule and the daily feedback provided by Chika Sensei is extremely helpful. The course is very well structured and includes relevant words and phrases for various everyday situations. I am also completing Chika Sensei’s JLPT N5 all in one course, and these two courses complement each other very well. Compared to some other languages, there are not that many comprehensive, high quality resources for learning Japanese, but Chika Sensei’s courses are among the best I have found. Thank you Sensei! (Feedback on the Japanese Speaking Course)

I have really enjoyed this (and other) Chika Sensei’s courses. They provide nice balance between grammar with multiple examples, listening, reading, and vocabulary building, and each unit has a brief test to check your understanding, with timely feedback from the teacher. The content is broken down to small lessons that can be completed at the end of a busy day and give you a sense of making steady progress. I look forward to continuing with the next levels of the JLPT with Chika sensei in the future! (Feedback on the JLPT All-in-One Course)