Chika sensei’s Academy


Let’s take the first step and start speaking Japanese with Chika-sensei!


“What’s Chika sensei’s Academy?”

Chika-sensei’s academy is a place where Japanese learners who studies hard can use what they have learned in an enjoyable way to communicate and interact within the online community.

It is quite difficult to be able to speak Japanese fluently by just studying at your desk. The first thing we need to practise is to have the output of it. It’s also common that many people don’t have an environment to use Japanese in their daily lives.

That’s where Chika-sensei’s Academy comes in. In the academy, you will not only be having practise exercises on phrases and expressions used in conversation, the members of this community will also be provided “A place for Japanese output”.


Will you take that first step to practise Japanese language together at Chika-sensei’s Academy?




Recommended for those who:

  • Would like to use Chika-sensei’s learning contents effectively.
  • Who are looking for a place to have an output to use Japanese language.
  • Seek motivation to practise continuously.
  • Would like to improve their Japanese language communication skill.
  • To practise and use actual expressions that Japanese people use.
  • To get to know people with the same interest to study Japanese language together.
  • Want to know more about the Japanese culture.
  • Just want to enjoy using Japanese every day.



What do we do?

  • Dictations, Quiz & Journaling from Chika-sensei’s Instagram, YouTube, Newsletters (5 times /week)
  • Members-only Challenge Projects and Competitions (2 times /month)
  • Members-only Live Lessons and Q & A (2 times /month)
  • Chika-sensei’s Video Messages (2 times /month)
  • Member’s Information Exchange and Discussions


How to become a member?

●Fee: USD$15 per month.

●You will need a Facebook account and credit card to register for Chika sensei’s Academy.


Application procedures

1. Email confirmation

A URL link to apply for Chika-sensei’s Academy’s will be sent to the email address which you have registered (at the time of purchase) with during the application.

Please click on the link to request for enrollment.

2. Enrollment request

Please provide the following 2 information during your registration (at the time of purchase) for Chika-sensei’s Academy:
●Email address

3. Approval

The approval for the application may take up to a maximum of 3 business days.

Once approved, you can then proceed to access and also post comments at the community.

4. Complete



Teacher’s Introduction


I am Chika-sensei, the organiser of Chika-sensei’s Academy.

I find it “enjoyable” as the language advances by the day.

That moment when you are able to catch the vocabularies which you have just learned on the Japanese dramas;
or the time when you were able to use the Japanese expressions which you remembered to your Japanese friends and they understood it, those are the happiest moments isn’t it?!

It is because of moments like that, we are able to enjoy learning Japanese, and because we enjoy it, we are able to continuously study Japanese. Everything starts with daily progressing.

At Chika-sensei’s Academy, we bear the approach of “Anyway, I need an output for my Japanese”, “I want to enjoy using Japanese”.

Regardless of the level you are at, it can serve to be a meaningful place for everyone. Instead of being afraid to make mistakes, let’s enjoy from those mistakes and improve from there on.

Chika sensei Profile
  • Native Japanese, born and raised in Japan
  • Master Degree in Japanese Language Education
  • Certified in the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • 17 years of experience in Japanese language teaching (10 years in Japanese school, 7 years in University)
  • Completed numerous researches in the Japanese Language studies
  • Publication in Japanese Language Studies
  • Teaching experience abroad including Korea and Taiwan
  • Languages: Japanese (mother tongue), English (intermediate), Korean (intermediate) , Chinese (beginner)






Q: What are the payment methods?

A: PayPal.


Q: Is the payment automatically deducted each month?

A: Yes, your registered credit card will be charged each month. (For bank debits, it will automatically be debited each month)


Q: Is it possible to cancel the membership mid-course?

A: It is possible to join or cancel the membership mid-course.

In those events, a one-month charge will be made.

Please note that payment by the day is not available.

If you wish to withdraw, please follow the URL link below to apply for the cancellation by the end of the month.


Q: Can I apply from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes, you can apply from anywhere in the world. However, please note that payments are made in US Dollars.


Q: I am not very good at Japanese, but I would like to be able to speak Japanese. I am currently working and can probably only study for 30 minutes to an hour. Can I still apply?

A: For those who don’t have enough time to comment on the assignments provided by Chika-sensei’s Academy, it is still possible to learn Japanese by going through the comments made by other members of the community.

In addition, there are also assignments to be done by watching videos as short as 1-minute videos.

If you don’t have much time, you can also study while watching those videos.


Q: What kind of communication methods do you use?

A: At Chika-sensei’s Academy, the main form of communication will be made through Facebook posts.

For the assignments given, you can answer them in writing in the comments section, or upload a recorded video post of the answer.

Furthermore, there are also threads on comment conversations or question threads provided within the community.

From those threads, you can deepen your social exchange with one another.


※You will need a Facebook account for Chika-sensei’s Academy.