1. Make it a habit to use Japanese on your Line application daily

LINE has become a daily essential communication application for Japanese users.

Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji are the 3 types of characters used in Japanese, to master them requires lots of work!

By utilising our lessons through LINE, and having constant help from your teachers will not only improve your proficiency, but also your reading and writing speed ability, and eventually helping you to have fluent communication within the Japanese community.

Furthermore, by using LINE to study Japanese, you get into a habit of completing each task at your own time every day.


2. A suitable learning method for the busy modern lifestyle

Do you feel pressured to study daily even though it is just a short amount of time?

Do not worry! The questions will be sent out daily, but that doesn’t mean you have to complete it within the day.

If you missed out on yesterday’s task, you can always complete both yesterday’s and today’s and send them together. And if you are unable to complete them at a particular week, you can always complete and submit them the following week after.

The task, which is just 5 minutes a day, can be completed within just 30 minutes for that week!

Now isn’t that one less worry to have and still be able to continuously study?


3. Experienced teacher in Japanese language, culture and various information

What if your Japanese teacher doesn’t understand you? Well, not to worry!

Up until now, the teacher has taught at least 5000 non-Japanese students. Even with minimal vocabulary, your teacher will understand what you are trying to express.

Need not to worry as your teacher will guide you through on the best way to express in Japanese.


4. Focus to improve your weak points. Flexible additional lessons

If you think that you require more than the LINE Correction lessons, we can also provide lessons for LINE Correction with voice recording, Diary corrections, Telephone lessons, Skype lessons and so on. We can discuss a suitable lesson plan for all your needs.

Feel free combine the schedules accordingly to suit your lifestyle and budget in order to pursue and achieve your goals.

If you are not very confident or feel slightly embarrassed about being in a conversation, we can always start with the LINE correction lessons.

If you are aiming to pronounce your sentences like a native speaker, go for the LINE voice lessons.

If you only have 5 minutes, but want to have a conversation, go for the Telephone lessons.

If you feel like you want to spend more time to have a conversation, go for the Skype lessons.

Our lesson can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.