Particleに/で, 1000円に?1000円で? [JLPT grammar]

It is hard to master Japanese particles, especially if no “particles” exist in your language.

However, no matter how complicated it may seem, there are rules for its use.

Learn the rules one at a time, and you will indeed become a particle master!😊


[Unnatural sentence]




-This restaurant offers delicious sushi for only 1,000 yen.


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]





1000円→ ◎1000円

[数(かず) Quantity]

You can use で for specific quantities (and measurements).




Eleven people play soccer.



→ パソコン1台仕事をする

I work with one computer.



→ 新幹線で3時間東京から大阪まで行く

* で of 新幹線で is for transportation

It takes 3 hours from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen.


で and に are particularly confusing particles, but now that you’ve learned the “Quantity]” rule,

next time you won’t make a mistake!



Did my explanation enhance your understanding?


[Quantityで] is JLPT N5-N4 level grammar.

Even if you are more advanced, you have strengthened your Japanese by reviewing it in my lesson.😊


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