Sometimes do…,ことがある?のがある? [JLPT grammar]

こと and の are essential for nominalization.

If you place の or こと after verbs or adjectives, it will become a noun.

In many cases, の and こと are interchangeable.

But of course, there are exceptions…

[Unnatural sentence]




-Even on my days off, I sometimes get work related calls


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]





◎ Vことがあります  sometimes do…

× Vのがあります


こと and の are often replaceable, but this is grammar “Vことがある”, so の is not available.

You can use only こと for these grammar.

ことがある sometimes do

ことができる can do

〜たことがある have experience

ことになる/する decision



Did my explanation enhance your understanding?


You should know how to use こと and の at all levels.

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