Shall I lend it…, 貸しましょうか?借りましょうか? [JLPT grammar]

What is the difference between 借(か)りる and 貸(か)す ?

Yes, it is “borrow” and “lend”.

So what if you put 〜ましょうか after that?

These two words sometimes confuse Japanese learners…😓


[Unnatural sentence]



A: Is that manga interesting?
B: Yes, it is interesting. Would you like me to lend you it?


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]





借りる borrow, rent

貸す lend, loan


Whose manga book is this?
It is B’s.

Aさんが借りる  A borrows (B’s book).

Bさんが貸す   B lends A (a book).


When you put 〜ましょうか after the verbs,

借りましょうか  Shall I borrow it?

貸しましょうか  Shall I lend it?


When B says to A…

貸しましょうか Shall I lend it?」is correct.



Did my explanation enhance your understanding?


貸す and 借りる are N5(beginner) words.

Even if you are more advanced, you have strengthened your Japanese by reviewing it in my video.


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