10 Japanese useful interjections!


Interjections are very easy to remember, so use them when you get a chance in Japan!


1. すごい(sugoi)

You can use when you want to say“Great ! ” “Awesome”etc.



2. うわっ(uwa(t))

You should wait for ‘one beat’, don’t make an actual sound.



3. あらら(arara)
-Oh, dear



4. いいね(iine)



5. やったー(yatta-)
-Lucky me

※Elongate the sound of the vowel before “-” for ‘one beat’



6. げっ(ge(t))



7. ありえない(arienai)
-No way



8. いてっ(ite(t))



9. しーっ(shi-(t))
-Be quiet



10. おっと(otto)



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