10 Basic Japanese greetings!


These 10 greetings can be used everyday in Japan, and are well worth remembering!

Greetings means more than just smiling in Japan.

You should try to use them if you have an opportunity!


1.  おはよう(ohayo-)

 – Good morning

Casual : Ohayo-

Polite : Ohayo- gozaimas


2. こんにちは(konnichiwa)

– Good afternoon

You use this to say “Hello”, but in the daytime only.


3. こんばんは(konbanwa)

– Good evening

You can use this to say “Hello” at night time.


4. いただきます(itadakimasu)

– Thank you for the meal (Before eating)



5. ごちそうさま(gochiso-sama)

– Thank you for the meal (After eating)

You don’t have to pronounce the “masu” form.

You pronounce it without the “U” sound.

It sounds much more natural.


6. いってきます(itte kimasu)

– I’m leaving (at home)

Casual : Gochiso-sama

Polite : Gochiso-sama desita


7. いってらっしゃい(itte rassyai)

– Have a good day (to someone leaving the house)




8. ただいま(tadaima)

– I’m home



9. おかえり(okaeri)

– Welcome (back) home 

Casual : Okaeri

Polite : Okaeri nasai


10. おやすみ(oyasumi)

– Good night

Casual : Oyasumi

Polite : Oyasumi nasai






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