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This course is for advanced Japanese language students that are determined to pass the JLPT N1 exam, the hardest level of JLPT, or want to improve their Japanese to a native level.

You can study 10 minutes / day with the help of a professional teacher of Japanese language education, using a variety of materials and topics.

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What’s in it?


Reading Lesson
“Essay; Ozu Yasujiro, movie director”


Listening Lesson
“What’s the slight difference between 親しい and 仲がいい”


Reading Lesson
“Story; The Restaurant of Many Orders (Miyazawa Kenji)”


Listening Lesson
“Language Fossilization”


Chika Sensei’s Lecture Video Lesson
“JLPT N1 grammar explanation”


Reading Lesson

1. Read the original version

2. Read the add furigana(hiragana above kanji) version

3. Check the meaning of the words

4. Listen to the teacher read-aloud

5. Take quizzes (words, comprehension)

6. Submit your homework

Listening Lesson


1. Listen to the audio without reading the script.

2. Read the script aloud while listening.

3. Take quizzes (words, comprehension)

4. Submit your homework

Lecture Video Lesson
Personal Feedback


-Each lesson has homework. The Japanese you submit will be corrected by a teacher so that you can learn more “natural” Japanese.




To improve the range of your vocabulary, expert JLPT teachers will provide a daily supply of reading materials at a level for Japanese native speakers.
Your teacher will correct your homework, so you can see your mistakes. You will also learn native expressions.

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Recommended for the following

– I’m studying hard for N1, but I don’t think I can pass it.
– I passed N1, but my Japanese ability is still far from where I want it to be.
– I worry that what I say in Japanese is sometimes wrong, but I don’t know because no one tells me my mistakes.
– I feel like my Japanese doesn’t really improve, it’s just stuck at a certain level.



-Darko from the Advanced Japanese Course

I finished the N2 course and then passed the N2 exam, and I am now preparing for N1, I highly recommend this course for advanced students seeking to reach N1 level.
Reading and listening to the materials that my teacher chose for me, I was able to dramatically increase my vocabulary in areas that I previously took no interest in.
On my own, of course, I watched videos, etc. in Japanese, but only in subjects that I liked, so I realized that my vocabulary was really limited to those certain areas.
I guess I would never have gotten into new topics in Japanese on my own.
The daily study can feel a bit long, but really it’s only 20 minutes at the longest, including homework, so it’s easy to do just a little each day. (It’s 10 minutes if you don’t do your homework.)
Of course, the teacher corrects grammatical mistakes, but the best thing is that the teacher will point out even things that are “technically correct”, but native speakers just don’t say that way, and supply a more natural way to say it.
I want to be able to speak Japanese like a Japanese person, so I’m going to keep studying this way.


Message from Chika Sensei – Course Coordinator

こんにちは、Chika Senseiです。

In my approximately 20 years of teaching Japanese, I have been in contact with over 5,000 Japanese language learners, and without exception, those who advance the furthest are those who read a great deal.

The benefits of More Reading, More Listening are as follows.
– Vocabulary is added and retained
– Reading comprehension speed increases
– Listening comprehension speed increases
– The active (usable) vocabulary increases
– Writing improves

Just to name a few… This is considered the finishing polish on language learning.
If you are looking at this page, you must be an advanced student getting started in expanding your reading and listening.
However, time is limited, and you only have so much to spend on improving your Japanese.
This is definitely the course for you.
I choose a good balance of topics for the daily audio, then quickly correct the homework “output” to bring it closer to a native style.
This course is designed so that you can study efficiently in the shortest possible time, with no wasted time.
I think you have already made considerable effort to acquire the level of Japanese proficiency that you have.
You’ve come this far, why not take the next step with me and become a truly proficient Japanese speaker?

Chika sensei Profile
  • Native Japanese, born and raised in Japan
  • Master’s Degree in Japanese Language Education (2011)
  • Certified in the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (2002)
  • 20 years of experience in Japanese language teaching (2002-)
  • Completed numerous researches in the Japanese Language studies
  • Publication in Japanese Language Studies
  • Teaching experience abroad including in Korea and Taiwan
  • Over 100K followers on Instagram (@chika_sensei)

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*You will not be automatically enrolled and charged for the full course. The trial course will end after 5 days.
Enjoy 5 days of lessons without worry.