Good smell, 臭い?匂い?香り?|Correcting mistakes|JLPT

臭い and 匂い…

Both are pronounced におい.

But the kanji is different, so, the meaning is also a little different.


[Unnatural sentence]




-This flower smells good.


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]






いい臭い→ ◎いい匂い/香り


臭い means “bad smell” “smelly”.

匂い means “smell” . It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.

But here it means “good smell,” so 匂い should be used.


You can also use 香り in this sentence.

香り means “good smell” “fragrance”

Flowers generally smell good.


They can be used in this way.







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