[JLPT grammar] Can I say まだ食べかけです to a waitress?

Today I am going to share the Q&A quoted from my JLPT N3 course!



Sensei, in what circumstance this かけcannot be used ?
For example, in a restaurant if waitress trying to take away my dish, can I say まだ食べかけです?which sound a bit strange ?

*〜かけ:not yet finished, in the middle of


[My Reply]

You can say 食べかけ for a few bites of food.
But using 食べかけ is not natural for a dish with only one bite left.
Because everyone can see that you have eaten.

You should say to the waitress まだ食べ終わっていません or まだ食べています.
There should be very little food left on your plate.

We cannot use ~かけ when the action is almost over.


I hope my answer helps you. 😊



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