[JLPT grammar] Wouldn’t しろと言っていました sound rude?

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[Student question]

In the sentence と言っていました,
can I know why してください is changed to しろ?
Is it because it’s imperative form?
But wouldn’t it sound rude?


[My Reply]

You might be wondering why we say ‘しろと言っていました’ instead of ‘してくださいと言っていました,’ given that ‘してください’ is more polite than ‘しろ,’ which is an imperative form.

Using the imperative form in this context would not sound rude at all because it is a quotation.

しろ is the plain style of してください.
してください (polite style) = しろ (verb imperative form, plain style)

When you say してくださいと言っていました, it seems to me that it contains quotation marks「」, not quotes.

→ Use the “plain style” for the quotation


I hope my answer helps you. 😊


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