[JLPT grammar] 買えないかな sound like don’t buy which easily cause confuse.

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Sensei, in the example, どこかでコーヒー、買えないかな*。
買えない it sound like don’t buy which easily cause confuse.
Is this a grammar that I should refer back ?
Thank you.

I wonder if I can buy coffee (somewhere)…



[My Reply]

This may be confusing because of the use of [nai-form], but 〜ないかな expresses hope or desire.

=〜といいな (It would be nice if)
=〜てほしいな (I wish for)



I can’t wait for Christmas to come.

I wonder if anybody can go to the concert with me.

I wish my father would buy me a gift.

いい人いないかな〜😅(When you want a boyfriend)
I wonder if there is someone nice for me.


Anime and drama characters often say ‘〜ないかな’, so by watching them frequently, you’ll get used to hearing it.


I hope my answer helps you. 😊



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