[JLPT grammar] Can we use “を” twice in a sentence?

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Can we use “を” twice in a sentence?
like, “部屋を掃除をしたあとで…”.
It sounds incorrect…




[My Reply]

Basically, we can’t use the particle を twice for the same verb.

[noun][noun][verb] In this sentence, there is only one verb “する”.

So, you should change the sentence to;

[noun][verb] =掃除する is a verb.

[nounのnoun][verb] =We can consider ‘部屋の掃除’ as a compound noun.


If each を applies to a different verb, we can use を more than once in the same sentence.
[noun][verb], [noun][verb].
I bought an apple and left the store.


I hope my answer helps you. 😊



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