[JLPT grammar] I am struggle で and に, I always confused two of them.

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キャンプで、水を持っていきます。or キャンプに、水を持っていきます。
Which is correct?
I am struggle [で] and [に], I always confused two of them.

*水 みず water
持っていく もっていく bring



[My Reply]

キャンプにを持っていきます is the correct sentence.

The particle に indicates purpose. When に is used as a “purpose” marker, it can be replaced with ために, which means “in order to”, “so that”, or “for”.

I will bring water for camping.
=The same meaning as キャンプ水を持っていきます。

Saying キャンプ水を持っていきます implies “I will bring water somewhere while camping,” which doesn’t make sense.


This confusion arises because  marks the location where an action occurs, contrasting with ‘s indication of direction or purpose.


I hope my answer helps you.😊



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