Expressing Disappointment: ___のに。: Japanese speaking phrase

——-Today’s Phrase——-

Expressing Disappointment When Expectations Are Not Met:


A: 雨(あめ)だから、海(うみ)に行(い)けないね。
B: えー、_____のに

A: It’s raining, so we can’t go to the beach.
B: Ah, that’s disappointing…


How would you describe the following disappointment in   のに in Japanese?
1. I was really looking forward to it…
2. I bought a new swimsuit…
3. I took a day off.




1. 楽(たの)しみにしてた
I was really looking forward to it…


2. 新(あたら)しい水着(みずぎ)を買(か)った
I bought a new swimsuit…


3. 有給(ゆうきゅう)とった
I took a day off.

有給 (有給休暇) is the Japanese term for ‘paid leave’ or ‘paid vacation’, where employees can take time off work while still receiving their salary.


You can also check out the video version here!




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