【Japanese Counter #1】 Generic (いくつ)


Japanese has various counters that you use depending on the type of object.


There are ‘Generic Counter’

You can use ‘Generic Counter’ when you count small stuff.

(e.g. apples, eggs, cups…)



1. ひとつ(一つ:hitotsu)


2. ふたつ(二つ:hutatsu)


3.  みっつ(三つ:mittsu)


4. よっつ(四つ:yottsu)


5. いつつ(五つ:itsutsu)


6. むっつ(六つ:muttsu)


7. ななつ(七つ:nanatsu)


8. やっつ(八つ:yattsu)


9. ここのつ(九つ:kokonotsu)


10. とお(十:to-)


Question. いくつ(ikutsu)


‘Generic Counter’ goes up  to ten.

Starting at eleven, you just count by the number alone.



11 . じゅういち(十一: ju-ichi)


13じゅうさん(十三: ju-san)


Be careful about the word order though, don’t put the thing you’re counting after counter.


◯:りんご ふたつ(ringo hutatsu)

☓ :ふたつ りんご(hutatsu ringo)




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