【SUSHI MENU#1】10 Basic Sushi Toppings!


Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese foods.


Sushi has a various kind of toppings, we can choose from the menu, and order one each.

So, if you really like Sushi, why don’t you remember topping names in Japanese?


Let’s remember 10 basic Sushi topping names!


1. マグロ(maguro)

– Tuna



2. トロ(toro)

– Fatty tuna

トロ(toro) means a tuna’s belly area.


– Most of the fatty blue fin tuna belly.


– The extra-fatty blue fin tuna belly. Price is more expensive than CHU-TORO.



3. サーモン(sa-mon)

– Salmon



4. アナゴ(anago)

– Sea ell

Fluffy texture, it’s usually boiled, and eaten with sauce.



5. ウニ(uni)

– Sea urchin



6. イカ(ika)

– Squid



7. イクラ(ikura)

– Salmon roe



8. エビ(ebi)

– Shrimp, Prawn

“エビ(ebi)” topping is boiled tiger shrimp.

If you want shrimp raw, order “甘エビ(あまえび:amaebi)” which is a small shrimp and has sweet taste.



9. アジ(aji)

– Horse mackerel



10. ネギトロ(negitoro)

– Minced fatty tuna with green onion



When you order Sushi menu, you should say ‘おねがいします(onegaishimasu)’ after the topping names.



ウニ おねがいします。

uni onegaishimasu.

(Can I have Sea urchin?)



ウニ と イカ おねがいします。

uni to ika onegaishimasu.

(Can I have Sea urchin and Squid?)


Let’s try to use it!!


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