【SUSHI MENU#2】10 Special toppings!


We learned 10 basic sushi toppings at our last lesson, but sushi still has other various kinds of toppings.

【SUSHI MENU】10 Basic Sushi Toppings!


You can choose what you want, and I also want to recommend you guys other toppings that l like very much.

So today, let’s remember 10 special sushi topping names in Japanese.


1. タイ(tai)

– Sea bream red snapper



2. ホタテ(hotate)

– Scallop



3. タコ(tako)

– Octopus



4. アカガイ(akagai)

– Red clam



5. コハダ(kohada)

– Gizzard shad



6. カンパチ(kanpachi)

– Great amberjack



7. エンガワ(engawa)

– Flounder fin



8. ヒラメ(hirame)

-Turbot flounder



9. シメサバ(shimesaba)

– Marinated mackerel

SABA(Mackerel) goes off easily as sashimi(raw), so it is usually pickled with vinegar to preserve as a sushi topping.



10. 生シラス(nama shirasu)

– Fresh whitebait



Some of them are not also so popular in Japan, especially “生シラス(なましらす:nama shirasu)” is sometimes quite difficult to find it.

However, its taste is very special, so we love that so much!


If you can find it on the menu, definitely try it!



When you order Sushi menu, you should say ‘おねがいします(onegaishimasu)’ after the topping names.



タイ おねがいします。

tai onegaishimasu.

(Can I have Sea bream red snapper?)



タイ と ホタテ おねがいします。

tai to hotate onegaishimasu.

(Can I haveSea bream red snapper and Scallop?)


Let’s try to use it!!


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