【SUSHI MENU#3】Extra stuff at the Sushi Restaurant!


We have already learned 10 basic sushi toppings and 10 special sushi toppings in our last lessons.

【SUSHI MENU】10 Basic Sushi Toppings!

【SUSHI MENU#2】10 Special toppings!


I also want to share with you how can you say extra stuff at the sushi restaurant in Japanese.


1. しょうゆ(syo-yu)

– Soy sauce



2. のり(nori)

– Dried seaweed



3. ガリ(gari)

– Sweet pickled ginger

‘がり(Gari)’ is eaten when you want to clean the palate.


4. わさび(wasabi)

– Wasabi, Hot green paste



5. さびぬき(sabinuki)

– Without wasabi

You can choose ‘さびぬき(sabinuki)’ sushi If you don’t want to put wasabi in.



6. みそしる(misoshiru)

– Miso soup

‘Miso’ is fermented soybean paste.



7. おちゃ(ocha)

– Green tea

Most restaurants in Japan, they serve cold water or tea for free.

You should order drinks only when you want to extra (juice, coke, alcohol..).



8. はし(hashi)

– Chopsticks



9. さら(sara)

– Plates

When you go to 回転寿司(かいてんずし:kaiten sushi), you should check the plate color which you get.

Because the color is related to the price!

*回転寿司(かいてんずし:kaiten sushi): Conveyor belt sushi restaurant



10. おしぼり(oshibori)

– Wet towel

Most sushi restaurants serve a wet towel for hands.

Some people eat sushi by hands.



You may say these word when you visit!


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