Correcting Mistakes「姉に私の携帯電話を隠れられて、悲しい→?」JLPT N4 Course


Correct the following sentences.




-My cell phone was hidden by my sister, and I am sad.


Can you find the mistake?






NON passive-form sentence


=passive-form sentence

姉に私の携帯電話を隠される(passive-form of 隠す)。


隠す hide; transitive verb (takes a direct object=携帯電話)

隠される passive-form of 隠す

隠れる hide; intransitive verb (no object)

隠れられる passive-form/potential-form of 隠れる




父(ちち)が私(わたし)のマンガを捨(す)てた 。

My father threw away my comic books.


→ passive-form sentence

(私は) 父にマンガを捨てられた

My comic books were thrown away by my father.




My younger sister lost my earrings.


→passive-form sentence

(私は) 妹にピアスを失くされた

My earrings were lost by my sister.



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