“What is the meaning of modifying the Noun?”

Today I share my reply to a student’s question in the JLPT All-in-One course.
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〜によって|because of, by means of, due to

[A student’s comment]


What is the meaning of modifying the Noun?
Can you give some examples?
modified and unmodified nouns?




[Chika Sensei’s reply]

Difference between 〜による and 〜によって.

Aによる[Noun] =A modifies [Noun]






Modifying Noun is how we add something descriptive to nouns.

[a noun] ケーキ cake

[To modify a noun] describe the cake
The cake that my mother made

[a noun] 学校(がっこう) school

[To modify a noun] describe the school
The school that my father used to attend.


So, “「〜による」 is used to modify a noun” means,
[a noun] 授業(じゅぎょう)

[To modify a noun] describe the class


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