I walk my dog, 散歩(さんぽ)する?散歩させる? [JLPT grammar]

Walking with the dog is a happy time.

But is the dog your pet or a stray?

If it is your pet, you should say this…

[Unnatural sentence]




-Let’s walk our dog and then eat breakfast.


Can you find a mistake?



[Sensei’s correction]







→ ◎犬を散歩させて

→ ◎犬の散歩をして



散歩する:自動詞(じどうし intransitive verb)

[subject] intransitive verb



=A dog takes a walk.

The dog is a stray dog because it walks regardless of your presence.

Then it has nothing to do with your breakfast and is not appropriate for this sentence.



This dog is your pet, so you should say…


◎(私が)犬を散歩させる causative-form

=I walk my dog (Lit; I let my dog take a walk)


◎(私が)「犬の散歩 (=a noun)」をする

=Lit; I do “walking my dog”.



Did my explanation enhance your understanding?


Causative-form, Intransitive verb are N4 grammar.

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