[JLPT grammar] スーパーを行く? ​スーパーに行く?

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What is the difference between


A book says [place]を[verb], [place]に[verb].
Which one we can use in proper?



[My Reply]


スーパー is the direction you are going.
に indicates “direction”.

Direction(方向 ほうこう)
[place]に(へ)+行く go、来る come、帰(かえ)る go home

We use the particle に(へ) with these verbs.

=The direction you are going is the supermarket.

“[place]を” is used in these situations,

Movement(移動 いどう)
=Indicate a location where moving action goes through
[place]+歩(ある)くwalk、わたる across、まがる turn

Starting point (起点 きてん)
[place]+出(で)る go out, 出発(しゅっぱつ)する departure

But, “going=行く to” the supermarket is not the movement or starting point.
So, we can’t use “スーパーを行く”.


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